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We all come from different life situations.
Sometimes our main barrier is the availability of work in a given region, sometimes it’s our ability to reach our workplace. Job seekers often ask us if they should mention their disability in their CV. It’s important for an employer to know if an applicant has a decreased ability to participate in gainful employment – and whether it’s in the 41 – 70% range or more than 70%.

Whenever you are looking for work it is important to talk about how you can and wish to do your job. Inspire yourself with the stories of those who made it.

How we found work

Darina is a woman who is visually impaired and works as a researcher. Her story can inspire you to see what all you can try during your job search.

Ivan is a wheelchair user. In this video you’ll learn how he discussed a disability accessible workplace with his employer and how he simplified his entrepreneurship.

Our colleague David describes his experience with integrating Majo, who is on the autism spectrum, into the job collective. The Assistance in Work Integration was provided by the Centrum of Social and Work Rehabilitation.

Ján has cerebral palsy. His story shows us that finding work can sometimes take a long time, requires convincing the employer, and that you can succeed regardless.

Michael is a visually impaired client care specialist. He inspires us in his approach to finding solutions.