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You may be fresh out of school and are about to go searching for your first job. Or you might already have some work experience, and are simply looking to work elsewhere.

Finding a job can often seem like a long, daunting journey, but the positives of a working life easily outweigh the effort. Employment, whether full-time or part-time, gives us an opportunity to lead an active life and form new social connections.

What steps are involved in finding a job?
  • Mapping your potential 

    Weighing your options on the job market, what you are capable of and interested in doing, and what you aren’t interested in. Deciding what hours you’d like to work, if you can work during the weekend, and so on. During this first step, you might find this video helpful.

  • Creating your CV

    Profesia offers professional CV templates and clear step-by-step guides on filling out your CV. While making a CV you can use the Job Seeker‘s Handbook, the visual manual to making a CV, read relevant articles on our blog, or watch this video.

  • Job seeking

    Search for employment opportunities through, potentially through, and send your CVs out to potential employers. You can also opt in to having offers sent directly to your e-mail.

  • Preparing for your interview

    What sorts of questions can you expect at an interview? What should you consider when preparing for the meeting, and how should you react when asked how you intend to work with your disability? Read our summary of labour laws regarding this topic, or you can watch our video on how to prepare for an interview.

  • The trial period

    A period of time during which you familiarize yourself with your new work and colleagues.

Video tutorials
How to look for a job
Succesful job seeking demands preparation. In this video you will find recommendations on how to start with job seeking.
How to create a CV online

Your CV is an important document. In this video you will find recommendations on how to write a CV with potential.

Preparing for a job interview

When you have been invited to a job interview it is important to prepare. In this video you will find tips on what to prepare for.