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About us

What is Help from the Heart about?


In Help from the Heart programme we create pilot projects  that help companies gain experience with employing people with disabilities. 

We believe that personal experience of employees contributes to getting rid of prejudices and barriers and can, in a long-run, lead to working opportunities also for this group of job seekers.

In Alma Career Slovakia we want everybody to be able to find a job, which will fulfil their needs and bring them satisfaction. Therefore, we also include people who are permanently on the edge of the labor market.


CSR team Alma Career Slovakia

Help from the Heart and job seekers

We offer a helping hand and guide the process of work search. We address recently graduated students, the working age group after accident or recovered from illnesses, or those who lost their jobs because changed health condition. We are also cooperating with parents who have children with disabilities.

Help from the Heart and companies

We offer companies an opportunity to try to implement inclusive employment in collaboration with various partners via Profesia Lab. We provide them with free access to CVs of job seekers with disabilities in CV databases. We also inform them about the option of sheltered workshops and social enterprises put together at

Peter Štaffen

Niektorí vám priamo na úrade povedia, že sa to nedá. Vy si ale pozriete zákon a viete, že sa to dá.

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Reťaz podaných rúk pomoci pre ľudí so zdravotným znevýhodnením by bez tej vašej neexistovala. Ale ona tu je. A s ňou aj nádej pre naše deti.

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Pokiaľ to diagnóza dovoľuje, je dôležité priviesť dieťa k samostatnosti.

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