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Job coaching is not only about trust and relation between a job seeker and a job coach. In order to use this tool effectively, it is also necessary to be familiar with company policies and needs into detail.

In Profesia Lab we are trying to create a community partners network. These organizations are able to help employers with inclusion of people with disabilities throughout Slovakia. 

We are forming regional partnerships and defining minimum standards for our cooperation. There are differences while performing job coaching by manual and expert jobs. Job seekers also use the services of a job coach on a highly individual base and according to their needs. Some workplaces provide easy access to job coaches while other require specific permissions, GDPR consent or special access to premises.

We have established a long lasting cooperation with Centrum sociálnej a pracovnej rehabilitácie na Mokrohájskej ulici v Bratislave, where we work with Andrea Kozová.

Our partners are currently in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice, Levice, Prešov and Žilina.

  • In the region of Bratislava we are working with Gabriela Čičmancová from OZ Integrácia detí a mládeže who has a lot of experience in the field of finance and IT. 
  • In Banská Bystrica we have a long lasting cooperation with Alternatíva – Centrom nezávislého života, n. o. Our common experience is related especially tu manual jobs but we are gradually broadening them towards the bank sector too. Currently, we are actively communicating with Lucia Sujová.
  • OZ Usmej sa na mňa is our partner in Košice and is mainly focusing on people with cognitive disabilities. Therefore, they are concentrating more on manual and easier administrative jobs. The job coach in this organization is Dagmar Kočiová.
  • In Levice we are cooperating with Aptet n. o., that provides help to people with limited capability to work.  Stanislav Lőrincz is our job coach.
  • In Prešov we are working with Regionálne autistické centrum – Prešov and together with OZ Francesco we are trying to help people at autistic spectrum to be included at the workplaces especially in terms of IT sector. Our job coach is Juraj Hudák.
  • The Žilina region is being covered by Bratislava and Banská Bystrica.